Carter: Dedication, enthusiasm, and attention to detail

Chip Carter will have my vote in the Selectboard race in Guilford.

When he and Laurie moved to Green River village, he immediately and enthusiastically took up work in the community. He has put in lots of time raking and hauling away brush, but he has also gathered information and lore about the place he has chosen as home.

When Addie Minott died last spring, we lost not only our longest living resident but the humble de facto mayor for the village. She could be depended on to lead tours and regale visitors with the history of this beautiful hamlet.

When the community planned a series of summer events in the village, I assumed that, without Addie, a lot of history was gone, and I despaired of the possibility of filling her shoes.

But, true to his nature, Chip had gathered much information from Addie and her husband Addison over his years here and had done a great deal of his own research. When the time came to host a tour of the village, Chip stepped up to the plate and proved to be an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and eloquent leader.

All this is to say that Chip studies issues carefully and exhaustively, and he is articulate in presenting these issues to others. He is a team player with a sense of humor. I think he has learned a great deal about our town since moving here, and that he will undertake the job of Selectboard member with his usual dedication, enthusiasm, and attention to detail.

Nancy Detra


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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