Eastes: a colleague with dedication, leadership, and fairness

The writer is a member of the Guilford Selectboard.

I am writing to endorse the re-election of Zon Eastes for Selectboard. I have had the privilege of serving alongside him for the past four years, and his dedication, leadership, and fairness have consistently impressed me.

As chairman, Zon has guided the board with a steady hand, fostering collaboration and achieving positive outcomes for our community. His evenhanded approach has built trust and consensus, even during challenging situations.

I personally witnessed his dedication with his willingness to put in extra time and effort, ensuring that every issue receives careful consideration.

Zon is a valuable asset to our community. He exemplifies the qualities we seek in our leaders: fairness, collaboration, and dedication to public service.

Rusty Marine


The writer is a member of the Guilford Selectboard.

This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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