Case and Reis: experience and fresh, diverse perspectives

On Tuesday, March 5, Brattleboro voters will choose among five good candidates for three Selectboard seats. I support two folks who I think will serve our town very well.

Peter "Fish" Case is just now completing his first year on the board and is running for a three-year seat. In watching his work this past year, I've found him to be refreshingly straightforward and honest, and a clear thinker who weighs issues carefully.

His commitment to continue volunteering for Brattleboro and now investing in it, with his purchase of the beloved Burrows Specialized Sports, is a reflection of the desire to be hands-on when it comes to our town.

Having recently served six years on the Selectboard, I can tell you that it takes a full year to even get your bearings with the procedures and workings of Town government, so I'm pleased that Pete was first elected to a one-year seat, where he could "try on" the role. Now that we've seen his balanced and honest approach, voters can be reassured that placing him in a three-year commitment is a wise investment.

I recommend Jaki Reis for the vacancy left by Pete Case. I'm similarly impressed with Jaki's commitment to Brattleboro and her diverse experience as a teacher, a Latchis Hotel and Theater employee, and a rental housing provider and manager. She and I also seem to share a passion for finding practical, real-world solutions to our housing crisis in southern Vermont.

Again tapping my memories of what makes for a good Selectboard, I feel that electing Jaki, the only woman running this year, would benefit the board greatly. I think getting the board back to at least two women would help bring more diverse life experience and balance to their decision-making.

By including Pete Case and Jaki Reis among your votes cast on March 5, you'll help ensure that the new board has proven public servants, experience, and fresh, diverse perspectives.

Tim Wessel


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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