Pritchard: A practical thinker with common sense is rare

I had not heard of Steven Pritchard until a few weeks ago when he entered the race for the two-year seat on the Guilford Selectboard. We live on opposite sides of the hill and our paths had never crossed - except for the fact that he and his wife Barbara tell me they had been frequent customers at Burton Car Wash on Canal Street when it was in operation.

Since making his acquaintance recently, however, I have discovered him to be a quiet, unassuming man who spends time pondering pros and cons about an issue before opening his mouth to talk about it. He's a practical thinker with common sense - a rare commodity these days - who walks in the footsteps of common Guilford residents and wants to represent them and give them voice in Guilford's major governing body, the Selectboard.

I like his desire to serve rather than rule and his quiet, unflappable demeanor. He vouches to attentively listen to the input of fellow citizens before making up his mind on any given issue.

Steven Pritchard worked for many years in the Brattleboro Recreation and Parks Department where he had a position that daily made demands on his decision-making ability. I applaud him for wanting to be of service to the Guilford community in the capacity of Selectboard member. I know he will be fair minded in his approach to issues and will not merely rubber stamp decisions made by others. He will think for himself and will decide questions on the basis of what's best for Guilford's residents.

Connie K. Burton


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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