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State offers assistance for child care costs

The Vermont Department for Children and Families (VDCF) offers the Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP), which helps Vermont children access quality child care by covering some or all child care costs for eligible families.

The CCFAP is a service of the Child Development Division, a part of the VDCF.

To be eligible for financial assistance, families must have child(ren) ages 6 weeks to 13 years (19 years for those with special needs); have an approved reason for needing child care, such as work or training; meet income guidelines (even a family of four making $105,000 qualifies); be state residents; have less than $1 million in assets; and have child(ren) with eligible citizenship status (not required starting July 1).

Families in need meeting these criteria can visit the program's webpage at to learn more. The local Community Child Care Support Agency ( can also help answer questions. Agency staff will help find child care, preschool, or afterschool services.

New guidelines that will take effect Tuesday, April 7, will expand eligibility based on family size and income. More families may qualify for assistance (for example, a family of four making $124,800 will qualify). Subscribe to receive news/updates at

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