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Green Mountain Gardening to take over DBA’s downtown flower program

The Downtown Brattleboro Alliance (DBA) announced a new partnership with Green Mountain Gardening of Brattleboro to continue the downtown flower program. Green Mountain Gardening will take on the responsibility of cultivating and maintaining the downtown flower displays, starting this summer season.

In a news release, DBA said that "this program, which has been a staple of our community for years, adds vibrancy and color to our streets, creating a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. For the past 10 years, Dick DeGray has dutifully tended the flowers and built the program we all know and love. After he announced his retirement last year, the DBA got to work on a plan to carry on the flower legacy."

DBA Executive Director Kate Trzaskos called Green Mountain Gardening "a business rooted in our community and known for its exceptional commitment to quality and service," and said the new collaboration "represents a perfect synergy between our organization and a local, family-owned business that shares our passion for fostering a thriving and joyful downtown environment."

"Being a part of the Downtown Brattleboro Alliance's flower program is an honor for us," said Danielle Lacroix, owner of Green Mountain Gardening. "We understand the importance of cultivating a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing downtown, and we are excited to contribute our knowledge and resources to enhance the overall experience for everyone in our community."

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