Souls on board in Gaza

BRATTLEBORO-When I worked at a major airport, I learned to refer to people on airplanes as "souls on board."

If, for example, a 747 was having landing gear problems as they approached the airport, you could be talking about at least 400 souls on board. Or upwards of 800 on an Airbus.

Gaza's Rafah has 1.3 million souls on board, and they are squarely in Netanyahu's sights. These displaced Palestinians are the target of Israel's invasion of Rafah, aided by continued American military intelligence and targeting in this undeclared war.

Only Congress has the power to declare war, not the president, and the War Powers Act of 1973 states that U.S. intelligence sharing constitutes participation in war.

We have been and continue to be complicit in the deaths of these souls.

The rising chorus from members of Congress in opposition to Netanyahu's horror in Gaza should be followed by a Rafah War Powers Resolution. Any member of Congress could introduce this.

President Biden has stated his opposition to the invasion of Rafah, but has not backed that up with sufficient action. Now that Israel has closed the Rafah border crossing and an invasion is imminent, congressional action is even more urgent.

I'm grateful that our Vermont delegation voted against further military aid to Israel and continues to work behind the scenes to aid Gaza.

MaryDiane Baker


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