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Theatre Adventure receives Athena Giving Circle’s 2024 award

BRATTLEBORO-(1)Theatre Adventure has been named the 2024 recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Athena Giving Circle, a group of area women who pool resources to support one local nonprofit organization each year. This is their fifth annual award.

Speaking for the group in a news release, Gail Nunziata said, "We are delighted to recognize Theatre Adventure for their dedicated work creating opportunities for people with disabilities to live meaningful and social lives, and find joy and growth through theater."

According to co-directors Laura Lawson Tucker and Darlene Jenson, Theatre Adventure is celebrating its 20th year using theater as a platform to create an inclusive and nurturing home for unlocking each individual's artistic expression.

"From our long experience," said Lawson Tucker, "we have seen Theatre Adventure actors blossom from the power of the arts. For many, their newfound freedom inspires claiming the stage, and their lives, with distinction."

A recent Theatre Adventure audience member offered the following: "American theater! Where humanity, beauty, and gumption are celebrated and communities built. I attend shows to be transformed ... to feel the air around me crackle when my open heart collides with stories well told. Thank you for all that you do to enrich lives. Your work is important. It matters."

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, there will be a premiere showing Nov. 8 at the Latchis Theatre of their documentary, "Theatre Adventure: A Ballad of Belonging."

"Each year the Athena Giving Circle is excited to explore the valuable work done by local nonprofit organizations," Nunziata said. "Our gifts are given to acknowledge the impact these groups have on our community. Our awards are a tribute to their efforts."

Giving Circles have become a staple in community fundraising. Some have been in operation for decades and are responsible for managing large investments and endowments. The Athena Giving Circle is on the other end of the spectrum, with its annual gift decided upon over two or three meetings per year.

For groups who would like advice on how to organize a giving circle on the Athena model, contact Nunziata at [email protected].

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