Support for an effective incumbent

BRATTLEBORO-I want to ask my neighbors to support Emilie Kornheiser for District 7 (West Brattleboro) Representative in the primary on August 13 and the general election on November 5.

I actively participated in the field of early education for 20 years, which took me to Montpelier to advocate for the rights of teachers. It was here that I saw that we have many kinds of representatives in the statehouse. The best, my heroes, were the ones who were there to do the work for the people they represented. I put Emilie in that category.

After I retired, I worked for four years as board president of Tri Park Housing Cooperative and found that Emilie was available and prepared for any discussion around the well-being of these 800 West Brattleboro residents.

Just last month she was able to take the time to help us craft and pass a resolution in the House to acknowledge the amazing contributions of Phyllis Gigante. Phyllis worked unceasingly until her death to ensure that her neighbors were heard and supported during COVID. Emilie honored that contribution with us.

I would be very saddened to lose a representative who is willing to go to great lengths to advocate for the people in her district. Emilie has done extraordinary work in Montpelier and she will be getting my vote.

Kay Curtis


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