Stop supporting Netanyahu with U.S. cash, arms, and intel

BRATTLEBORO-As the U.S. continues to enable death, destruction, and famine in Gaza, Yemen, and the West Bank, as President Biden speaks of restraint to Israel's Netanyahu but continues to break U.S. laws and fuel the horror with American arms and military intelligence, we must continue to raise our voices in protest.

The increasingly louder chorus from Americans and much of Congress for an end to U.S. participation, the rising tide of countries recognizing Palestine as a state, recurring Israeli protests against Netanyahu, plus the United Nations' votes and the International Court of Justice decisions are not to be ignored.

In addition, coalitions of non-governmental organizations such as Action Corps entreat all members of the "UN Security Council to enforce the ICJ orders regarding Israel's actions in Rafah, Gaza."

The recent declaration by "the global Anti-Apartheid Movement that helped end apartheid in South Africa and Namibia'" confronts the "settler-colonialism and apartheid of Israel and its backers."

But how torn would we feel if we were unarmed Palestinian civilians? They note that "every time something happens at the international level, we see a surge in attacks here." They fear that "Israel's military will retaliate [...] by attacking more civilians in Gaza."

Can you imagine living in such conditions, such panic? So traumatized and immersed in violence that you fear the support you sorely need? How can we not identify with other humans in misery and then do all we can to stop this?

Yes, the politics and history are vastly fraught and convoluted. And those additional billions Biden keeps sending to Israel equal corporate welfare for U.S. arms manufacturers, since "Israel is required to use this money to buy U.S.-made weapons." We contribute to the starving of millions who are affected by war and its traveling companion, famine.

We can't afford to step aside from colliding narratives. We can't afford to say someone else will figure it out.

That increasingly louder chorus I mentioned? It's made up of each and every little one of us who weighs in. As Americans, we need to keep ratcheting up the volume.

The growing death toll is catastrophic and will not diminish until this country stops supporting Netanyahu's singleminded annihilation of Palestinians with U.S. cash, arms, and intel.

Yes, our Vermont delegation is already on board against more U.S. military aid to Netanyahu's government and the restriction of humanitarian aid.

Tell everyone you know around the country to call or write their legislators and leave a message. U.S. Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121.

Together, we have the nationwide ability to turn this around, to stop U.S. complicity in Gaza, the West Bank, and the direct bombing of Yemen.

As Margaret Mead said "thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world [-] it's the only thing that ever has."

MaryDiane Baker


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