Vermont Theatre Company announces cast of ‘Julius Caesar’

BRATTLEBORO-Vermont Theatre Company (VTC) unveiled the cast lineup for its Shakespeare in the Park production of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, set to grace the Rotary Stage at Living Memorial Park Thursday through Sunday, June 20–23.

Following the success of their 2019 production of Macbeth, VTC returns to the iconic venue with director Jessica Gelter at the helm. This marks VTC's first production at the Memorial Park's Rotary Stage since 2019.

The cast will feature Christian Drake as Julius Caesar; Kay Beckett as Marcus Brutus; Alex Hacker as Caius Cassius; Casey Parles as Calpurnia, Caesar's wife; Akisas as Portia, Brutus's wife; and James Gelter as (1)Mark Antony.

The ensemble includes an array of gifted actors. (2)"I'm thrilled to be working with such a talented and enthusiastic cast," Gelter said in a news release. "We wanted to make a real splash when we brought back Shakespeare in the Park, and this cast is full of the energy, heart, and intelligence to tackle this really complex play."

Dawn Grobe will serve as stage manager and producer. Rose Watson will lead costume design, while James Gelter will oversee set design. Jesse Tidd will be creating special effects.

Julius Caesar is a thrilling drama, in which community leaders manipulate each other into assassinating the head of their political system. It explores how that irrevocable choice leads their community into more violence and inevitable fascism.

This year's VTC Shakespeare production will feature gender-fluid casting in this political tragedy, which will be set in a rubble-filled, post-war, alternative world. According to the director, actors will not be in togas, performing a historical reenactment. "It is a story of yesterday, of today, and of tomorrow - it is a fantasy, and a nightmare."

Vermont Theatre Company is seeking volunteers to work on this production to help build a world made of recycled materials and to help with stage crew and box office during performances. The company is also currently seeking sponsors to partner on this year's production. For more information, contact [email protected].

In anticipation of this upcoming production, the Rotary club and Brattleboro Parks and Recreation Department will be improving the Rotary Stage in Memorial Park, including adding a ramp to improve accessibility for the actors.

Tickets will be on a sliding scale, $5–$15, with entry for kids under 12 free.

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