Bravo! to WSESD educators, who celebrate growth, progress, learning

This letter was sent on June 7  to all WSESD staff.

BRATTLEBORO-When Travis, the only saxophone player in the fifth grade band, began his concert solo by playing "Hot Cross Buns" instead of "Merrily We Roll Along," he stopped, waved his arm, and said, "No, wait! That's not it. Wrong one. This is it."

To everyone's relief, he then led the band in a spirited rendition of the correct number.

Our pursuit of excellence, our preoccupation with perfection, doesn't leave much room for mistakes - even when someone is learning a complicated task.

Bravo! to the performer who can make a mistake and confidently move forward. And Bravo! to the educators who present just the right challenges and provide just the right support for our children and youth as they learn the complicated task of becoming responsible community citizens.

We know you face challenges every day in your work with young people. We know, too, there are many successes, but today we want to celebrate growth, progress, learning.

Thank you for your every-day and every-week efforts to help your students reach the potential they imagine for themselves. We look forward to collaborating with you as you teach students to learn from their mistakes and confidently move forward.

With great appreciation,

Windham Southeast School District (WSESD) Board


Ruby McAdoo, board member, 2023–2026

This letter was sent on June 7  to all WSESD staff.

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