Goodwin will transcend party affiliation

In these times of economic distress, partisan deadlock, concerns about taxation, and worries about how the needs of our citizens are to be met, we need as our state representative someone who is rooted in the community, has extensive experience in the community, and can truly represent all the people in our community regardless of party affiliation.

Tim Goodwin's active involvement in a wide range of community and regional services - from fire department to lister to planning commission to regional planning commission's finance committee - demonstrates his long-term commitment to our area and the people in it.

His thoughtful, focused, and calm demeanor would be an important asset in Montpelier. The fact that he has endorsements from across the political spectrum suggests that he will be able to effectively build upon the successes and initiatives of his well-respected predecessors, Rick Hube and Oliver Olsen.

We are voting for Tim Goodwin for state representative and hope you will, too.

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