Simba presents summer solstice concert

DUMMERSTON — On Friday, June 21, at 8 p.m., Simba will celebrate the longest day of the year with the annual Summer Solstice dance party at the Evening Star Grange in Dummerstson Center.

All ages are welcome for this evening of drumming, dancing, music, and fun for the whole community. Admission is $10, with a family maximum of $25.

Simba has been together 24 years, playing weddings, parties, summer concerts and special events, but the Solstice party is a highlight for the band. The energy and feeling of the community at these annual gatherings makes this celebration one of the most special events of the year.

The band promises to play music to make you move: funk, reggae, Latin, world beat, soca, calypso, ska, jazz and blues included, featuring blazing horns and scorching percussion.

The members of the band are Bob Stabach (sax, flute), Dan DeWalt (keyboard, steel drum, trombone), Wim Auer (bass), Derrik Jordan (guitar, percussion, violin, vocals), Charlie Schneeweis (trumpet, vocals, percussion), Steve Leicach (congas, percussion, talking drum), Steve Sonntag (trumpet, percussion), and Johnny Yuma (drums, vocals).

Rupa Cousins will lead a meditation dedicated to peace, love, and unity for our community and for Mother Earth.

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