CEDS in SeVEDS’ own words

BRATTLEBORO — RE: “Economic group offers community findings” [News, July 10]:

We have asked for several corrections to this article about the Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategy (SeVEDS) and the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) project process. The most critical inaccuracy regards funding of CEDS projects:

“Shortlisted projects - five to 10 of them - could receive federal or community resources.”

This is 100 percent false.

As we write on our website:

“The CEDS is a regional plan for growth of the economy created using a regional public approach. It is helpful for the rest of the region as well as potential new businesses to understand what we as a region are trying to accomplish.

“Inclusion of your project in the CEDS indicates it is aligned with regional goals for growth. Identification of your project as a vital project indicates the project is of the highest priority and expected to have the greatest impact on achieving the regional goals.

“While inclusion of your project in no way guarantees funding of any sort, many federal agencies look more favorably upon projects which have the kind of broad support inclusion in a region CEDS indicates. EDA often requires a CEDS be in place for a region in order for a project grant application to be considered.”

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