Vote, vote, and vote again on local school budgets

TOWNSHEND — I find it interesting, when voters vote down a school proposal/request for additional funds, they can't acknowledge the vote and let it be. No, they have to keep “reconsidering” until they get what they want. It's an empire expansion. They know people can't keep returning to vote, vote, and vote again and wear down the opposition.

It costs more to “educate” a kid in Vermont than for a college education, and the kids fail national tests.

If taxes keep increasing to support the local schools without oversight, no one will be left in Vermont, let alone Townshend.

But be rest assured, we now have Common Core - teaching more than 100 ways to add 2 plus 3. Talk about degrading the system! There are 10 to 15 countries far ahead of the U.S. in education stats.

Just do some research, and you'll discover many problems which the “standard” educational system (the National Education Association and the Vermont School Boards Association) dictates.

Vermont's educational systems have changed drastically between the '50s and now. Kids are leaving Vermont in droves to get jobs. I told my kids to get the hell out - they did and are blooming.

I could go on. Your newspaper's research into this critical matter will be enlightening ... from which the establishment fears.

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