Hungry Lion Bike Tour returns to the Deerfield Valley

WHITINGHAM — The Hungry Lion Bike Tour, presented by the Whitingham-Halifax Lions Club, has given cyclists an opportunity to take on some of Southern Vermont's most challenging rides the past two years running.

Now the ride returns to Town Hill to do it again. The event, Saturday, Sept. 27, promises riders beautiful back roads and fall foliage, all for a good cause: helping raise funds to combat food insecurity in the Valley.

The Hungry Lion cycles four great routes: a 33-mile elevator ride, the 35-mile Rowe Zipster, a 55-mile Two River Ride, and the 75-miler Big Wheel Flyer. Organizers say each is designed to challenge cyclists of all skill levels.

Two rest stops will help keep riders fortified. And in a new feature this year, cyclists can opt out of the final and most challenging climb for a quicker return to the festivities at tour's end.

And some celebration it's be, as local band World Way is slated to entertain during the barbecue at Town Hill. Great prizes are an extra incentive, and there'll be freebies for all.

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