‘Met Live in HD’ returns to the Latchis for 2014-15 season

BRATTLEBORO — Latchis Arts announces the 2014-2015 schedule for its live broadcast series, which includes the 2014-15 season of the Metropolitan Opera and new presentations of National Theatre Live and Bolshoi Ballet Only in Cinemas.

Met Club Forever members pay $20 per opera this year ($200 for the season of 10 operas). General admission is $22, amounting to a $2 savings on ticket prices.

Tickets for the National Theatre and the Bolshoi Ballet broadcasts are $20 each.

Latchis Arts continues to expand programming at the Latchis Theatre, on 50 Main St., with the Bolshoi Ballet Only in Cinemas this season.

North American distributor BY Experience will distribute the fifth season of Pathé Live's Bolshoi Ballet program, featuring live and recorded ballet productions direct from the grand Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow to cinemas and performing arts centers across the United States and Canada.

The series is presented in North America in association with the Metropolitan Opera.

National Theatre Live, which came to Latchis Arts in the 2013-2014 season, offers more productions this season in addition to the eighth season of the Met Opera Live in HD. NT Live is the U.K.'s National Theatre series of live plays broadcast via satellite to movie theaters, performing arts centers, and other venues in 20 countries.

Since its first season, which began in June 2009 with the acclaimed production of “Phédre” starring Helen Mirren, more than 1.5 million people have experienced the work of National Theatre Live on movie screens worldwide.

BY Experience, the pioneer of global live “alternative content” digital cinema events, produce captivating performances with amazing production values.

Intermission interviews draw the audiences into an inside conversation with performers, directors, and production designers. Up-close and personal camera angles bring the audience to a true theatrical and cinematic experience.

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