Voters have the power to effect change

BRATTLEBORO — Voters, sadly, often vote for what they do not want. They often believe they cannot get what they want and would like to be a winner in some sense rather than a loser, so they vote for the “lesser of two evils” and choose between Democrats and Republicans.

The public views both the Democratic and Republican parties as “evil.” Both parties have fully participated in and cultivated the system of capitalism, which has brought the world to the brink of destruction - which is a crime against humanity - by breeding greed, selfishness, and domination.

Voters have nothing to lose by voting for what they want and will surely lose if capitalism (in the form of Republicans and Democrats) “wins” again.

With a short 35 years to decrease carbon emissions by 80 percent (according to science), humans must act now. Humans must do something differently, must change the way we do life.

* * *

By voting for non-capitalists, people have the opportunity - and power - to begin the needed changes immediately.

The Liberty Union Party advocates peace, environmental stewardship with equitable sharing of all resources by all people, universal health care, and education for all within a system of social and economic justice.

Liberty Union advocates meaningful work for all at a livable wage. These goals seem to be common sense to many folks and reflect the ideals promoted by the founders of our country and our state. And our goals are attainable by making changes - by choosing changes - to the current system.

Back in the 1980s, the Liberty Union Party platform called for utilities (including fossil fuels) and auto manufacturing to be publicly owned.

Imagine what the world would be like now if those ideas were seriously considered and implemented! We might have avoided this current climate crisis. The environment would be cleaner and our transportation would be more efficient: We might not be facing the possibility of our own extinction if we had considered ideas outside the RepDems universe.

The Liberty Union Party is for the Earth and for all people. The Earth still provides enough of all resources to provide for the care of all beings on the planet if humans are willing to share.

The old fashioned Golden Rule still has merit: “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” That concept is gaining a comeback in the current global movement called the Charter for Compassion, which is coming to the Brattleboro community. Some old-fashioned ideas just never go out of style.

Integrity is another old-fashioned idea that never goes out of style. Let us people, voters, stand in our own integrity, and vote for what we want rather than what the capitalists think is good for them - for a future of our own design.

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