Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association celebrates 'closing the gap' in trail system
The Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association celebrated closing the gap in its long trail system from Putney Mountain to Grafton. At left is Libby Mills, a past WHPA Trustee whom Susan Roman, at center and present WHPA Chair, termed “acquisition person extraordinaire.” Beverly Major, at right, founding Chair of WHPA, related some of the history of the parcels and owners involved in the many land acquisitions that have taken place since WHPA’s inception in 1992 to make the through trail possible.

Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association celebrates 'closing the gap' in trail system

The gap in the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association's trail system from Putney Mountain to Grafton is closed.

Members recently observed the feat with a celebration that culminated a 20-year effort to acquire the necessary lands and easements to make the long through hiking trail possible for the public.

In her opening remarks, Susan Roman, chair of the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association (WHPA), thanked the volunteers, trail crews, and donors who made the new links and trail system a reality.

She especially acknowledged, on behalf of the Pinnacle Board of Trustees, Eleanor Bemis for selling her property to WHPA, and Veronica Brelsford for a permanent trail easement near the Martin Sanctuary that allowed the new Bemis Hill Trail.

Thanks also went to Crescent Dragonwagon and Fraser Cooper-Ellis for trail licenses permitting the David Koff and Sugar Grove trails that extend access from the dead-end part of the Windmill Ridge Trail down to Bemis Hill Road.

She also gave special thanks to the Vermont Trails Association for recognizing the high quality and significance of Pinnacle Association trails by granting WHPA membership this year.

The Pinnacle now wants to hear from those who hike the whole through trail. Photos and a write-up of their experience should be emailed to [email protected] for posting on

The Pinnacle's website features maps indicating the different trail systems and trailheads, as well as information about upcoming Pinnacle programs. The next guided hike will be Dec. 6, to Vermont's Champion White Ash.

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