Post Oil Solutions presents “Cowspiracy” film

BRATTLEBORO — Post Oil Solutions is hosting a screening of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret on Thursday, June 4, at Marlboro College Graduate School.

The 2014 documentary examines the environmental impact of animal agriculture, and asks why the world's leading environmental organizations have been reluctant to shine a spotlight on this issue.

“Producers and consumers alike deserve to know the truth about the impact of raising animals for food. We need to know, so we can make informed choices,” said Marilyn Chiarello, who organized the screening.

Chiarello scheduled the event to coincide with the Slow Living Summit, which is an annual conference organized by Strolling of the Heifers. This year's summit theme is “Food, Mindfully."

“It's great that the fifth annual summit is bringing food into focus. I am hopeful that summit attendees will come to this screening, consider the evidence, and try some vegan cheese, too. Our goal is to raise awareness of the food-environment connection. We want to get people thinking about better alternatives.”

Free locally produced vegan snacks will be served, including cashew cheese from Nuttin' Ordinary of Keene, N.H., and cookies from Superfresh! Organic Cafe in Brattleboro.

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