NEYT's Theatre Adventure troupe presents “Extravaganza Journey!”

WEST BRATTLEBORO — A pageant in the Main Hall of West Village Meeting House will be held on Friday, July 10, at 10:30 a.m. NEYT's Theatre Adventure Summer Troupe presents the culminating show of their three-week theater arts camp, “Extravaganza Journey!”

The production features a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and stories. One student has helped create an original “Journey” song. Two other students have created an original story. All of the actors will demonstrate the power of imagination and creativity for kindling fires of learning and change.

The Theatre Adventure Summer Troupe has explored many meanings of journey - from the natural world, in fantasy, and from one's personal life. The camp has explored joy, obstacles, dedication, perseverance, bravery, humor, working together, resourcefulness, awe, love, and triumph.

“Extravaganza Journey!” is a pageant created from the students' ideas. This one-hour show weaves together acting, physical comedy, creative movement, drumming, fabric arts, projections, singing, and sound.

Theatre Adventure actors with and without disabilities use innovative artistic vision to inspire their audiences.

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