Town releases annual list of unregistered dogs

BRATTLEBORO — Dog owners who have yet to renew licenses for their pets must do so or face penalties.

The Selectboard approved the annual dog warrant at its June 16 meeting.

Town Manager Peter Elwell noted that the list does contain some errors because some pets have either died or the families have moved.

That said, there are “dozens” of dogs in town who need their licenses renewed, he added.

With the warrant, the town can take action against households that have not registered their dogs.

Penalties can include a fine of $100. The warrant also includes language that a dog can be destroyed it the owner refuses to license it.

Selectboard Vice Chair Kate O'Connor said she had to register her yearly complaint that the town includes such language.

“The dog is the one that pays the ultimate penalty for what the human does,” she said. “And that's why I hate this.”

According to the town website, licenses are required for all dogs and wolf-hybrids 6 months and older. The town also requires a current rabies certificate.

Registration forms can be found on the town website under “Town Clerk and Dog Licensing.” Contact the Town Clerk's office with questions at 802-251-8157.

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