Somerset joins WSWMD as 20th member

BRATTLEBORO — The Board of Supervisors for the Windham Solid Waste Management District (WSWMD) approved adding another town to its membership on Dec. 10.

Somerset, an unincorporated township located west of Wilmington, will join the district as a non-voting member under a Memorandum of Understanding drawn up between the former town and the district.

The state unincorporated Somerset in the 1930s. It has no municipal government and only a handful of people still reside in the former town.

According to Lou Bruso, Jr., Chair of the Board of Supervisors for WSWMD and representative to the board for Jamaica, the Agency of Natural Resources told Somerset it needed to join a waste management district under the state's universal recycling law, Act 148.

While Somerset won't have a vote on the board, it will share in the district's programing costs.

Somerset's assessment will help lower all town assessments by approximately $11, according to Bruso and WSWMD's Executive Director Robert Spencer.

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