Bellows Falls should leverage potential of riverfront

BELLOWS FALLS — What is the best use for the former Chemco property, at the uniquely scenic junction of the Saxtons and Connecticut rivers, just below the Falls?

Vermont towns along the Connecticut are just beginning to wake up to the immense potential of their riverfronts. The Whetstone Station restaurant in Brattleboro has become a huge success, with its river view. The Joy Wah restaurant in Bellows Falls has long been favored as much for its view as its kitchen. Beyond that, Bellows Falls barely nods to its river.

This property will be clearly seen in hindsight, a decade or two hence, as having been developed to benefit the area from the beauty of this great river - or not. Putting a jail there would be a total waste of the property's river potential.

Rarely is a project proposed which is so contrary to the long-term development goals of the region.

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