In support of Vernon Free Library and its staff

VERNON — Now that Vernon's annual Town Meeting has come and gone, I must come forward and speak up in support of our library and library staff.

Libraries have been vital institutions around the world for thousands of years. Though we're now in the electronic information age, libraries are no less important to the communities and people they serve.

I have been a volunteer for more than a year at the Vernon Free Library, and I know we are fortunate to have a welcoming, well-run, well-used library. It keeps up with the times. In addition to a strong collection of books for readers of all ages and interests, as well as for researchers, the library also offers a variety of materials for those who prefer digital and electronic media.

I have repeatedly seen the many benefits that children and adults alike get from using our library. I have also seen the thorough, professional, friendly jobs that Director Kris Berberian and Children's Librarian Jean Carr do to run things smoothly and effectively while meeting the varying needs of our patrons.

Unfortunately, there were decidedly negative sentiments expressed toward the library, and the director, in this year's meeting. This is unfortunate and quite troubling. Yes, Vernon needs to monitor its budget, as do cities and towns everywhere, but we also need to work together to support the varying needs of our townspeople.

Because I heard the conversations, questions, and votes, I know we want Vernon to be a strong community where people want to live. I know we want to have efficient, effective services for all people in our town. We must find ways to communicate and compromise, and to work toward solutions that are in the best interests of all our residents.

Doing so will make Vernon the strong, positive community we all want. There is a lot at stake in these difficult times, and it's more important than ever to challenge ourselves to build a better community together.

The Vernon library is a pleasant place that welcomes all patrons. The staff is professional, friendly, and always interested in helping. If you haven't been in, or don't know all that we have to offer, please stop by. We want to meet you.

We want to make the library the best small library it can be. Even when our needs or preferences differ, we must value one another to make our town the best it can be as well.

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