C.X. Silver Gallery hosts weekend retreat

BRATTLEBORO — C.X. Silver Gallery at 814 Western Ave. will host an “Art / Life” retreat weekend of activities with performance artists Linda Mary Montano, Nye Ffarrabas, and Cai Xi, Friday evening Nov. 4 through midday Sunday, Nov. 6, at the Gallery, with a visit to the Michael S. Currier Center at The Putney School.

This occasion features works by all three artists, including the preview of a new book on Montano's 14 Years of Art/Life - with an exhibition that includes drawings, installations, and archival photographs - and a selection from Ffarrabas's 50-year retrospective of art pieces, poetry, and writings, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Egg-Time Event featured in her book, “A Walk on the Inside.”

Meanwhile, Xi's Retrospective 1980-2015 of portraits, landscapes, and abstracts is on view nearby at the Michael S. Currier Center at The Putney School. At C.X. Silver Gallery, her installation includes her recent piece on the Chinese Five Elements.

To learn more about the artists, visit,, and

Retreat activities will include meditation and counseling with Montano, poetry and reiki with Ffarrabas, and tai chi and qi gong with Xi.

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