Does Scott’s economic plan benefit the people he visits?

Thomas Joseph's letter is trying to contrast the two major-party candidates. When he says that Republican Phil Scott has integrity, the implication is that his Democratic opponent, Sue Minter, lacks integrity. To imply anything of the sort, without so much as a hint of evidence to that effect, is a terrible claim to make about a person whose integrity and concern for the public have never been questioned.

As for Scott's concern for controlling fraud, let me point out that Scott had 10 years in the State Senate to do something about false claims, fraud, etc. What did he do?

Joseph's main point seems to be that Scott will lower and/or control taxes. Sounds great, and simple, in the abstract. Get into more particulars, and it doesn't sound so great or so simple.

Taxes are what pay for all government services. Exactly what services is Scott planning on cutting? Does he know? Why hasn't Scott said? In fact, why has Scott avoided public forums where he would likely have been asked that hard question? Does Joseph know?

Read Scott's lengthy economic plan, and you see far more concern for businesses and the wealthy than for ordinary people. Scott can tour the state and make news doing various jobs for a day, but can he - does he - understand or care how his top-down plan will affect the very people he meets on those travels?

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