Putney briefs

Hickory Ridge Road update

PUTNEY — PUTNEY - “The road is still closed,” Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard announced at the Oct. 12 regular Selectboard meeting.

The culvert replacement on Hickory Ridge Road is behind schedule, Stoddard said, because the crane A.S. Clark & Sons is using for the project will come too close to power lines, necessitating a planned power-outage.

Dorothy Schnure, spokesperson for Green Mountain Power, confirmed the utility needs time to send notification cards to affected customers. “We like to alert people,” Schnure said, before shutting off their electricity.

Stoddard said the new planned date for the culvert replacement is “October 27 or 28."

Although Stoddard said she has received no “major complaints” from residents on the continued road closure, Board Chair Josh Laughlin said residents living along the detour route have complained to him.

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