White an ally in alimony reform

BRATTLEBORO — I support Jeanette White in her Vermont Senate campaign this year.

White has been extremely helpful to Windham County in many ways throughout her career in the Senate. She has always been willing to listen to any constituent's problem and offer suggestions or work to propose legislation to address their concerns.

On a personal level, White has been very helpful in addressing alimony reform in Vermont. I approached her 18 months ago asking her for help in updating and modifying our state's outdated alimony statutes.

With her help, leadership, and guidance, our organization was able to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which resulted in legislation being passed by the Vermont Senate. She was instrumental in leading alimony reform through the legislative process.

It is important that White continue her important work in the Senate, and I hope that your readers will support her in her efforts to return for another two-year term.

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