Sign petition affirming Brattleboro as nonviolent, safe for all

BRATTLEBORO — A bumper sticker says, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

While the atmosphere of deceit appears to be universal at present, it might not be. It is, however, quite rampant and alarming.

In an effort to contradict the current culture of deceit, we want to tell the truth about how proud we are of the town of Brattleboro, where citizens are circulating and signing a petition affirming this town as a non-violent and safe place for all people, for all religions, all races, all ethnicities, all women, all genders, all lifestyles ... despite the threat of possible financial reprisals by some bully-ish entities in a faraway city.

The respect and honor that folks here give one another regardless of differences or “-isms” that others might use to separate and divide us gives this community a sense of vitality and adventure, growth and creativity, that diversity on many levels affords. We want to invite all the townsfolk to sign the petition that is now at Everyone's Books - and to bring your friends, families, neighbors to sign it as well.

Regardless of the number of signatures we ultimately collect, we do know and affirm that Brattleboro is a kind, loving, and generous community committed to basic human rights for all people.

And that is the truth!

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