Raspberry Jam, Moxie share first prize in Youth Services’ Battle of the Bands
Winners of the Battle of the Bands: the members of Moxie and Raspberry Jam.

Raspberry Jam, Moxie share first prize in Youth Services’ Battle of the Bands

BRATTLEBORO — Two teen alternative-rock bands, Raspberry Jam and Moxie, shared the winner circle, taking first prize in Youth Services' Battle of the Bands on Nov. 3 during Brattleboro's Gallery Walk Night in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Sponsored by Pacesetter Sponsors Richards Group, Brattleboro Subaru, and G.S. Precision, the event was a competition between five talented area bands that were judged on crowd appeal, musical technicality, stage performance, and originality, according to a news release.

Raspberry Jam, from Massachusetts, brought a new spin to alternative music with their “very catchy arrangements,” according to one judge. The Pioneer Valley area band “demonstrated a rockin' stage presence and are wicked fun to listen to,” said another.

Mac Almeida, 18, was on guitar, with Alouette Batteau, 16, on vocals, Joshua Xavier Gibson, 17, on bass, and Milou Rigollaud, 18, on drums.

Moxie describe themselves as like opening a nonstop, effervescent fountain of all-original, bubbly, super-danceable, 80s-esque indie rock. “No doubt a crowd pleaser,” one judge wrote. Another judge noted, “Super strong stage presence: everyone immediately moved forward to listen.”

Rei Kimura, 14, was on guitar and vocals; David Cohen on bass; Leander Holzapfel, 16, on guitar; and David Snyder, 15, on drums.

First prize is a full day (up to 10 hours) of professional recording time donated by Guilford Sound, valued at $1,500. The first-place winners will also receive a dozen custom-designed T-shirts of their band logo donated by Pure Green Tees.

Other prizes included a two-hour rehearsal and band coaching session at Headroom Stages and vocal coaching with judge Samirah Evans.

The band Notion from the Manchester area came in third, followed by Outer Space from Brattleboro, and Fiig from Westminster.

Judging the Battle were musicians Eugene Uman, Samirah Evans and Spencer Crispe, and youth judges Archer Parker and Owen James from winning 2015 band Nomad vs. Settler.

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