Few contests on local Town Meeting ballots

As the Jan. 29 deadline passed for candidates to declare their intention to run for public office, town clerks in southeast Windham County reported mostly uncontested races and empty spots on ballots.

• In Dummerston, the only contested race on the ballot is for one school director position. Jody Normandeau and Bob Thibault are vying to serve the remaining year of a three-year term.

The offices with no candidates are lister, auditor, town agent, town grand juror, and two library trustees.

The Selectboard will host a candidates' night on Feb. 28, at 6 p.m., downstairs in the Dummerston Congregational Church.

• In Guilford, all races are uncontested except for one school director position - Melissa Foster and Brian Robinson are competing to complete the remaining year of a three-year term.

Guilford's pre-town meeting event, which gives voters the opportunity to meet the candidates, takes place Feb. 22, at 7 p.m., at the Broad Brook Community Center, formerly known as Broad Brook Grange.

• Newfane's candidates for municipal offices are all running unopposed - except for lister, town constable, and town agent, which have no one on the ballot.

On the school side of the ballot, the following positions are in need of someone to run for them: one Newfane School District school director, one Leland & Gray Union Middle & High School District #34 school director, and the West River Unified School District director.

“Note the Newfane School District and Leland & Gray District #34 positions will be eliminated in 2019 when the West River Unified School District takes their place, even though they are three-year terms,” Town Clerk Carol Hesselbach said.

• In Putney, all offices have one person running for them, but only one person. No race for town or school elections is contested this year.

• Vernon has all uncontested races except for the following offices, which have no one running for them: town agent and grand juror.

• Aspiring politicians take note: For offices with no candidate, residents can write in names when they vote.

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