The Stockwell Brothers and friends present a free concert at Next Stage

PUTNEY — Next Stage Arts Project will host contemporary bluegrass and folk music quartet, The Stockwell Brothers Band, with their special guests Doug and Tim Harlow, Geoff Sather, Phil Bloch, Pat Holiday, Lou Trombley, Derrik Jordan, and Maria Basescu at Next Stage on Friday, May 11, at 7 p.m.

This free concert is part of the 10-day festival “Legacy Putney,” a collaborative celebration of Putney history, arts, and culture.

In addition to performing as the current Stockwell Brothers Band (Bruce, Barry, Alan and Kelly Stockwell), Bruce and Barry will reunite with former bandmates from the past 50 years, including the Stockwells' first band, The Green Mountain Boys.

In five decades together, according to a news release, the Stockwells have played everything from classic bluegrass to folk rock to world beat music. Their music continues to span traditional and progressive styles, but their well-honed signature sound spotlights new singer/songwriter material recast with varied rhythms and original arrangements featuring three-part vocal harmonies.

The “Legacy Putney” festival features stories, developed with support in listening and storytelling from the international company Narativ, and a range of works by and about cultural figures and groups in Putney's local history through the present, that have shaped the town.

These will be shared in a range of formats that are a hallmark of Next Stage; literature, film, music, theater, dance, and culinary and visual arts.

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