Let’s dispense with the faux handwringing over the Palestinians

WILMINGTON — Here are two things I agree with in Laura Perlstein's Viewpint:

Criticism of Israel does not amount to anti-Semitism, and that the lessons of the Holocaust are also lessons in human dignity and a respect for life.

But it is hard for me to reconcile some of her other statements particularly as it relates to history.

She is a teacher and librarian, and I am surprised her research and learning is so limited.

How stunning it is for me to read her statement pertaining to the last 70 years in the Middle East.

How could it be that you do not remember that the Mullah in Palestine heavily supported Hitler? He told the Palestinians to get out of Jerusalem until “they” destroyed the new state.

And how can you forget that in 1948 the Palestinians were offered a state of their own? How can you forget what happened next?

And didn't they tell you in Sunday school that there has always been a Hebrew presence in Jerusalem for millennia? Maybe not on your map.

You do remember, I hope, the cry and plea, at Passover Seders - next year in Jerusalem. I guess this means nothing to you today.

There is plenty of room for discussion, conversation, and attempts to solve the problems created by years dedicated by the Palestinians and other Arab nations to destroy Israel, and we know of Israel's response.

Let's have some truth in our conversation and not this faux handwringing about the rights of the Palestinians. Deep-rooted problems require more than mouthing about human rights.

It does seem to me there is a group in Brattleboro obsessed with only the plight of the Palestinians under the guise of human rights. Where have they been when there have been other threats to so many in Asia, Africa - you name it? Have they been staging protests for those forgotten people?

It just makes me suspicious of what the real agenda is about.

Is there a double standard here? Is it okay for Christians and other religions to be oppressive, but not okay for the Jews?

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