Kornheiser: demonstrates knowledge and sensitivity

BRATTLEBORO — I am impressed by Emilie Kornheiser's experience and preparation for public service. She has engaged in a wide variety of work settings - local and international, policy- making and service-oriented.

In Vermont, she has engaged with both the Snelling Center for Government and Emerge America to be ready to fully participate in Vermont's policy life. She has thought carefully about the best way to use her multiple talents, and I am pleased that she demonstrates knowledge and sensitivity about the fundamental challenges to Vermont's economy, social-justice framework, and environmental responsibility.

Balancing the demands of all three is crucial to our ability to take care of Vermont and Vermonters in the years ahead.

There is hard work to do, and Emilie is prepared to undertake it. I am pleased to support her candidacy for state representative in Brattleboro's Windham-1 district.

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