Nature Museum seeks volunteers for 10th annual Fairy House Festival

GRAFTON — The Fairy House Festival is a family-friendly, imaginative, nature-based tradition in the forests of Grafton. On Saturday, Sept. 29, and Sunday, Sept. 30, The Nature Museum is hosting the 10th annual Fairy House Festival, and it will be bigger than ever before.

According to a news release, The Nature Museum is seeking volunteers, donors, and creators to “help summon and spread the fairy magic.” The Fairy House Festival is an imaginative opportunity for people of all ages to interact directly with the environment, expressing their creativity while fostering a deeper relationship with nature.

Volunteers are needed for both the day before (Friday, Sept. 28) and both days of the festival (Saturday, Sept. 29 and Sunday, Sept. 30).

Volunteers can take on a variety of roles including preparing the fairy trail, helping young fairies, wizards, dragons, and sprites in the Arts and Crafts tent, serving popcorn and refreshments, guiding visitors, and more. All volunteers must be over 13 years old, and they will receive free admission and a Fairy House Festival t-shirt. The deadline to sign up is Sept. 22.

Volunteers may also help build fairy houses to inhabit the festival's fairy village, the highlight and centerpiece of the festival. Individuals or groups should sign up ahead of time to use their imaginations to transform twigs, pebbles, shells, acorn caps, and more into a structure for the fairies. Each fairy house exhibit receives a free adult and child ticket.

Fairy House Builders must come on Friday, Sept. 28, to place their creation on the trail. All Fairy House Builders must register by Sept. 15.

The Fairy House Festival is The Nature Museum's biggest fundraiser of the year. Donations fuel year-long programming for the community, including nature camps, workshops for adults and children, and community events.

Anyone wishing to volunteer, build a fairy house, or donate to this year's festival may visit for more information on the many ways to contribute.

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