Thanks to school board rep for reflecting town’s will

BROOKLINE — Despite what was admitted to be a skeleton plan due to limited preparation time, a lack of conclusive data, and financials, and what was cited as a 10-to-1 negative response in the public comments, the West River Education District's unified board voted to pluck sixth graders out of Newbrook, Townshend, and Jamaica elementary schools to place them in Leland and Gray starting in 2019.

We would like to thank our town's school board representative, Alecia O'Donnell, for heeding her neighbors' wishes with her “no” vote on the measure.

The meeting video shows that not every representative chose to reflect the will of their respective constituents when they voted on Sept. 11.

Ms. O'Donnell did not dismiss our concerns and opposition. Rather, she let our voices be heard, representing us well via her vote.

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