‘I still believe in democracy’

BRATTLEBORO — I believe people are good. I believe in helping one another, in peace, unity, inclusion, equality, and justice.

This is not just blind faith in humanity - I know I am not alone.

The majority of Americans want to take care of and educate our children, they want stricter gun laws, good health care, and to protect the environment.

The majority of Americans believe immigrants are an important part of our country's identity.

We are all doing our best to be good people, to make the world a better place. Now it is up to us to elect politicians who will help make that happen for us.

As we inch closer to midterm elections, it has been easy to despair and get lost in the chaos of hateful lies and propaganda.

But we have the responsibility to stand up for what is right, stand up for one another, speak the truth, and take back our government!

We are swimming against an overwhelming tide of voter suppression, international interference, and corporate lobbying, but they are outnumbered - we are in the majority!

We owe it to one another, to our country, and to our children. Get out and vote! Vote for politicians who will stand up for what is good for the people of Vermont, not for wealthy corporations, and then hold those representatives accountable once they are in office.

I still believe in democracy. I hope you do, too.

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