Pause 5G deployment until testing can guarantee health and safety

BRATTLEBORO — Laura Sibilia and the wireless tech industry tout the increased convenience of “expanded broadband” (read 5G) while neglecting to inform us all of the radioactive threat to our environment of 5G, which puts all life in danger of sickness and eventual death.

Radioactivity kills. 5G is used by the military as a weapon.

Why would U.S. politicians and business people agree to put military strength radioactivity and infrastructure in our neighborhoods? Insanity? Perhaps. Greed? Definitely!

We have been misinformed about our need for wireless technology.

We do not need wireless! What we need in Vermont (as well as in the whole country) is the fiber optics we were previously promised and paid for. We already paid $75 million to Verizon and AT&T for fiber optics “to the last mile,” to quote Verizon's website, but we still do not have it!

This technology is harmless to life and equally fast as wireless service, while wireless radioactive frequencies threaten all life, including humans: radioactivity invisibly fills the environment and makes people (and other organisms) sick, often eventually, slowly, causing death.

Since the military uses 5G as a weapon, it makes sane people ask why it is being pushed down our throats and into our neighborhoods with no prior safety testing?

It appears our Vermont legislators, including Laura Sibilia, have been hoodwinked and lied to by the telecom industry, and now they promote the lies and death sentence to Vermont's public.

I do not like being lied to. I believe Vermont deserves better care and consideration by its legislators.

Laura Sibilia, please demand a halt to the 5G rollout, or “deployment,” as it is called by the industry. “Deployment” is a military term - not very friendly for home and family neighborhoods.

Please demand a pause until proper safety testing can guarantee the health and safety of all Vermonters. It is your duty to keep us safe. If you do not, whom can we count on to keep Vermont safe and green?

Stop the greedmonger bullies until safety is assured. You will be glad you did. And so will we, your constituents.

Thank you, on behalf of all life in Vermont.

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