Creating an active four-season town

DOVER — Dover has long served as a popular winter getaway for skiers. Now, according to Economic Development Director Steve Neratko, the town wants to become a four-season destination.

Among the efforts supporting this goal is increasing the outdoor recreation opportunities in town “to make it a more active community,” Neratko said.

The town has just embarked on a Recreation Trails Planning Study. According to Neratko, the plan includes investigating the feasibility of purchasing 50 acres in and around downtown Dover to promote activities such as walking, biking, and skateboarding.

At this early stage, one idea is to create a trail system that would connect downtown to some of the area's existing “more rugged trails,” he said.

The land could also host activities such as skateboarding, disc golf, or an amphitheater, he added.

Dover has awarded the $30,000 study contract to Massachusetts-based engineering firm Weston & Sampson. The firm specializes in outdoor spaces, Neratko said.

Like the housing study, the recreation study will include a multi-year implementation plan designed to outline what tasks and costs the town will take on in a given year, he said.

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