Help and information about abuse and addiction

BRATTLEBORO — There are a ton of great Web resources related to substance abuse and addiction, including www.allaboutaddiction.com and www.spiritualriver.com. For a great blog post specific to dealing with addiction during the holidays, visit bit.ly/QMA0FZ.

In addition, here are several local resources and service providers to assist you.

• 2-1-1 Vermont. Dial 2-1-1 from your home or cell phone and ask about resources and services available in your area.

• Substance-abuse therapists in Windham County: bit.ly/SNU3n7.

• Phoenix House: 802-257-5654; www.phoenixhouse.org.

• Health Care & Rehabilitation Services (HCRS): 888-888-5144; www.hcrs.org.

• Vermont Recovery Network: 802-738-8998; www.vtrecoverynetwork.org.

• Brattleboro Retreat: 802-258-3700; www.brattlebororetreat.org.

• Springfield Hospital: 802-885-2151; www.springfieldhospital.org.

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