Soubrette Jazz Choir sings at All Souls

WEST BRATTLEBORO — The Soubrette Jazz Choir will present a concert of their fall repertoire on Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m., at All Souls Church.

The choir, based at the Vermont Jazz Center and led by Anna Patton, is a group of 18 women. Patton creates or seeks unique arrangements of swing, jazz, blues, and songs by contemporary songwriters, and the choir performs them with syncopation, panache, and wonderfully crunchy harmonies.

Their fall program will include Antonio Jobim's poetic epic, Waters of March, Kate McGarrigle's Kiss and Say Goodbye, and Patton's original lyrics for the Mose Allison instrumental, Town, which embraces Brattleboro's charms and quirks.

The Soubrettes will be accompanied by Lucy Kahn on bass, Wendy Eisenberg on guitar, Anna Patton on clarinet, and other guests. Choir members will be featured on several opening numbers.

The suggested donation is $10, or what you can afford.

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