Imagine creative elders enlivening the Marlboro campus

PUTNEY — Marlboro Music's commitment to a 99-year lease and construction of two buildings for its two-month summer season prevents redevelopment of the soon-to-be-closed Marlboro College campus.

Marlboro Music's financial interest there is likely to be bought out or compensated to move to an equivalent college campus.

How about a retirement and assisted-living community for elder professional artists and performers?

Attracted by the Rudolf and Irene Serkin Center for the Performing Arts, the new Snyder Center for the Visual Arts, Persons Auditorium, Whittemore Theater and Drury Gallery, and Marlboro Music's speculative new construction, these synergistic, self-governing, creative elders would enliven the campus year-round as never before.

Imagine attending exhibitions and performances there.

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