The best city government money can buy

BRATTLEBORO — At last! Finally, Brattleboro has a chance to clean up town government and install a mayor. What has taken so long?

A mayor will be able to really lead this city. A strong executive works. Just look at all the good things that a strong leader has accomplished in Washington. Just as Trump can ignore the silly people in Congress, so a mayor can get rid of the Representative Town Meeting debating society that gets in the way of progress.

And why do we need to waste time listening to every cockamamie idea someone wants to bring to the namby-pamby Selectboard? A mayor would put an end to that, too.

A mayor will understand what really matters. Money is what matters. Just look at how well the petition supporters used money to get the question on the ballot.

Yes, let's move ahead and get the best city government money can buy.

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