In Brattleboro, a surplus of excellent candidates

BRATTLEBORO — It's a real pleasure for me to look at the ballot for March 3 and find excellent candidates for the seats on the Brattleboro Selectboard - a surplus of excellent candidates, in fact.

For the two one-year seats, I'm voting for Oscar Heller and Daniel Quipp, both of whom have demonstrated genuine concern and competence in serving the town, Daniel as a thoughtful and forthright member of the Selectboard and Oscar on the Finance Committee, on the Energy Committee, and in evaluating applicants for our new sustainability coordinator position.

Having served on the Finance Committee with Oscar, I can attest to his dedication, good judgment, and seriousness of purpose.

Although I won't be voting for him this year, I commend Ian Goodnow for entering the race. He would (and someday will) make a fine Selectboard member.

For the three-year seat, I do not have a strong preference between David Schoales and Elizabeth McLoughlin. Both have demonstrated their ability and their leadership capacity in multiple roles with the town, including on the Selectboard. Either one is a solid choice for voters.

Just one more thing: If you don't vote, you're surrendering your right to complain, which we all value so highly. It's on Tuesday, March 3, or vote early now. No excuses.

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