Bos-Lun: Ready to work for our people, planet

WESTMINSTER — As chronic frustration with our federal political environment grows, Michelle Bos-Lun's candidacy to represent Windham District 4 (Dummerston, Putney, and Westminster) provides hope for me, along with many others in our community.

She has consistently demonstrated her integrity, competence, and enduring commitment with extensive social, education, and justice work, both in our Windham County community and around the world.

Additionally, if elected, Michelle will be part of a growing number of collaborative and motivated women sparking an energized milieu in the state Legislature for progressive change in Vermont.

I first met Michelle over 15 years ago as a supportive and engaged mother of three kids all attending the Compass School. Then, as an experienced teacher and an SIT graduate student, she joined the Compass faculty, teaching topical classes in globalization and leading the first integrated service learning trip abroad to India.

Students volunteered teaching Tibetan refugees in Dharamshala, India as they plunged into a deep cultural learning experience. This trip was the inception of the Global Connections Program that continues today.

I've witnessed over the months some of these students, now young adults in their 30s, joining Michelle's campaign, knowing she will have an impact on our community as she did on their lives at a critical time in their development.

While Michelle has professionally worked with and continues to volunteer with community organizations (HCRS, Youth Services, and the Brattleboro Community Justice Center) advocating for social and economic justice in our community, she also continues to be a powerful educator inspiring change.

Michelle has a sober understanding of the environmental and economic challenges our state is facing and is ready to work collaboratively to innovate policies that promote bold economic and climate resilience.

I am a business owner in the renewable energy sector, and I endorse Michelle because she understands it is imperative to transition from fossil fuels and to create jobs in the process. This will take a massive, unconventional collaboration!

Equipped with a set of evolved communication skills, with a background in team building, conflict resolution, and intercultural communications, Michelle is ready and able to step up, unify, and do the hard work, for our people, for our planet. If you live in District 4, please vote on Aug. 11 for Michelle.

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