Gray: A fresh face who understands the needs of Vermonters

DUMMERSTON — I am voting for Molly Gray for lieutenant governor for many reasons.

First of all, I like the fact that Molly went to small rural schools in Newbury and Oxford and went on to graduate from UVM and the Vermont Law School - all Vermont schools.

Molly was born and raised on a successful vegetable and dairy farm in Newbury. She thoroughly understands and appreciates rural communities and small rural schools and knows the value of having a small school in a rural community.

She knows that Vermont schools rate very high in comparison with those in the other 49 states, and she would work to keep our state's excellent education.

She understands that we all need broadband, especially our underserved residents and schoolchildren, particularly in these trying times of COVID-19, where our young people need access to high-speed internet for a good education.

Molly has spent time working for Rep. Peter Welch in Washington D.C. and has worked around the globe in human rights and humanitarian response. These career steps have helped to form the person she has become.

After this time away from Vermont, she did what a lot of kids from this state have done: She realized she was really a Vermonter and answered the beckoning call to come home and serve her state.

Now assistant attorney general in Vermont, Molly will work to keep our state's values, support our rural communities and our families, and protect our environment for future generations. She understands that we need access to broadband for all walks of life, paid family leave, a livable wage, better child care, access to better and cheaper health care for all, and support for small farms to strengthen our local food systems so no one goes hungry.

Molly and her family are solidly connected with Windham County. Her grandfather owned Brattleboro Tire and lived in Dummerston. Her father grew up in Putney and went to The Putney School, where his parents both worked. He was twice on the Olympic Nordic ski team. Her mother grew up in Marlboro and was on the U.S. Ski Team.

Molly is a fresh face in Vermont, not a politician who has been in the State House for several years. Now is the time to put new faces in Montpelier. Now is the time to vote for Molly Gray for lieutenant governor. I am. Please join me.

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