Something you need to know about us snowflakes

BRATTLEBORO — Thank you, Wendy M. Levy, for so perfectly expressing my own feelings about not only Mr. Abbott's “plight,” but every Trump supporter who appears to have confused hate speech with free speech.

I've had my fill of giant U.S. flags being waved in honor of a man who is openly standing with Putin, even as he makes further attempts to disrupt our elections and has offered the Taliban bounties to murder our troops.

A man who openly appeals to people who also fly flags with swastikas, who publicly asked the police to rough up people they've arrested, and who called for the execution of a group of innocent young Black men by taking out a full-page advertisement in a national newspaper.

I'm sick and tired of the absurd conspiracy theories, the easily disproved lies, and the childless la-la-la-fingers-in-the-ears response to all of the criminal and immoral things Donald Trump has done and continues to do.

Mr. Abbott needs to know something about us snowflakes: There are, indeed, far more of us than there are of his little cult. (Thank you for the reminder, Wendy.)

We are all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds, we are in every town and city, and we are melting together from the heat of the inferno of hate and bigotry his Dear Leader has visited upon our country.

And we are gonna make one hell of a tsunami come November.

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