Thanks to voters in Windham-2-2 district

BRATTLEBORO — Thank you to all the voters of Brattleboro District 2 who voted in the Aug. 11 primary election, and to those who voted to support me as their representative in Montpelier for the coming term.

In the midst of this pandemic, so many of you exercised your right to vote by taking an absentee ballot. And those who voted in person found that the polling station was well-prepared with strong protocols to ensure a safe voting experience. It was heartening to hear that the number of voters broke all previous records for a primary.

Many thanks to Town Clerk Hilary Francis and her team for outstanding work. We are very lucky to live in this town and state, where voting is actively encouraged and made easy.

The general election is coming up soon, on Nov. 3. My name will be on the ballot, along with candidates for various local, state, and national posts, including president.

In a change driven by the COVID-19 crisis, the Legislature authorized the secretary of state to send a ballot to every registered voter in the Vermont. Voters can return the ballot by mail, deliver to the town clerk, or bring it to the polls on Election Day.

Meanwhile, many citizens continue to suffer from the effects of the pandemic. Please reach out to me if you need assistance with unemployment, housing, business issues, or any other problem for which state government can offer assistance. My phone number is 802-257-4844 and my email is [email protected].

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